About the Foundation for Alternative Medicine and Healing Research

The AMH Foundation is a non-profit organization that is being established to address the disparity that exists between "recognized' areas of medical research and alternative "promising" methods that are being ignored.
The idea for AMH came about some time in late Spring, 2013, when Mr. Royce Hamer, leader of the Canadian Anti-Corruption League and someone who is very knowledgeable about alterternaive healing methods, discussed his frustration with traditional medical approaches with Jim Namaste, Ph.D., a social science researcher.
Dr. Namaste has had a long-time interest in the foundations of science, methodology and epistemology, and has been a recipient of numerous grants from a number of funding organizations. He also served as program manager at the U.S. National Science Foundation.
The conversation turned to the example of MMS (Master Mineral Solution), which has been reputed to be able to cure malaria rapidly, as well as other diseases. The Center for Disease Control reported that in 2010 an estimated 655,000 deaths, mostly children, resulted from Malaria infections. The World Health Organization December, 2013 Malaria Report estimated that for 2012 there were an estimated 627,000 deaths caused by this disease.
Mr. Jim Humble, the main discoverer and long-time advocate of MMS has begged almost from the beginng to have clinical trials conducted to test MMS efficacy in order to achieve full scientific backing.
Dr. Namaste who is familiar with the sociology of science as well as history and psychology of human belief and knowledge systems, framed the issue in this way: "If you hypothesize that something has a 1:100 chance of saving more than 600,000 lives per year and you do not act, that practically means that you are willing to be responsible for the deaths of 6,000 persons annually, and that would be criminally negligent at the least."
That conversation was the initial impetus for setting up the AMH Foundation in Summer of 2013 to:
  • Fund research on alternative medicine and healing methods.
  • Study communications and cultural processes that prevent alternative perspectives from being considered.
  • Investigate the interface between methodological, practical and ethical results that impact research decision making.
It was decided to seek funding in the amount of $2 million by the end of 2014 to implement awareness campaigns and seed test and pilot research projects. A "crowd- funding account was set up at Fundly.com. Dr. Namaste agreed to serve, pro bono, as Interim Director of the project on a time-availability basis, until a volunteer management team can be recruited and trained.
After an initial flurry of donations amounting to less than $6,000, mostly from MMS supporters, the crowdfunding campaign end date passed and has yielded very little additional funding since. Dr. Namaste decided to focus his efforts on building a stronger case as a basis for a renewed funding effort, and also look into some other online methods. Because of time constraints it has taken until late 2015 to move to the next stage.