The Foundation's Awareness Campaigns
"He Who Knows Not and Knows Not That He Knows Not Is a Fool. Shun Him!" (from Persian Proverb)
We are focusing on Malaria as our first priority because there is a real possibility that we can save many lives practically every minute, hour and day, by taking immediate action. The first step is to create awareness.

The Foundation's programs are based on results-oriented strategies relating to Alernative Medicine and Healing Research that focus first on awareness of large opportunities, or large threats (such as Malaria), or a combination of the two.

By "awareness" we mean recognition that your actions (behaviors), and consequently the results you get, are influenced by the following types of awareness:
  1. Presence - Where you are right now and how that is connected to your past and the future you want.

  2. Money - How does money affect the situation and where are different kinds of corruption interfering.

  3. Neuropsychology - What do you know about the ways that your psychology, brain and mind affect what and how you see and interpret things?

  4. Knowledge - What information, facts, experience and learning do you have that can help get better results?

  5. Culture - How do words, language, values, tradition, social relations and politics affect what is happening and can happen?
We plan to analyze and clarify each awareness area and demonstrate how it affects not just the AMH Mission, but many other missions as well. Lack of awareness is what stops us from solving even relatively simple problems, which includes the "Mystery" of Malaria Deaths. The Foundation is committed to addressing lack of awareness as a critical challenge that must be overcome with ALL of its complexities!

Click here to read more about the Malaria Mystery awareness campaign and please tell others about our mission.