Can 600,000+ deaths from Malaria be easily prevented? and if so, why doesn't the whole world know about it, considering that three billion people are exposed to Malaria every year?

If the issue weren't so deadly serious, then this might simply be dismissed as some sort of sensationalist myth trumped up by yet another group of sinister or well-meaning (choose what you want) ignoramuses.

This mystery has all the elements of suspense, and more, that a writer could wish for, but it is also a real-life-happening-now story where research questions have to be addressed first and immediately: Can chlorine dioxide (ClO2) safely and quickly kill pathogens within the human body?

Many people believe that it can and does, and there has even been a favorable test in Uganda that reportedly cured more than 150 persons from Malaria with a simple, low-cost treatment. This test was conducted with participation by Uganda Red Cross workers, at least as shown on video.

You might expect that if chlorine dioxide is such a great pathogen killer, then of course there must be a vast research literature about the ways it might work in living entities from mice and rats, and other animals, and perhaps even humans.

Well, the answer is that very little is known about chlorine dioxide, when it comes to scientific research . On the other hand, there are supposedly thousands of persons who have taken chlorine dioxide internally and reported rather positive results for all sorts of health problems. Many Cl02 proponents have made numerous Read More