What Contribution and Donation Mean
"All things, creatures and living beings leave an imprint that is their eternal presence in the Universe. Human can decide what their eternal presence is to be"
Message from AMH Interim Director:

Hello Alternative Medicine and Healing Research Supporters:

Thank you for taking the time to come here and learn about the AMH Foundation project.

If you have read what we are about, then you will know that this project is under-funded and under-manned, even though the MMS program alone may be the one single possibility in the world that can save more lives faster than any other initiative.

Here's why I am helping to get this project started, why I am committed and am contributing time and expertise as best I can.
  1. There is urgency - Since earlier in the year I have been thinking, several times each day, when I am reading, when I am eating something, when I am talking with somebody, that in that very moment somebody is dying whose life I might have saved, but it is too late. But now, there is a chance to save lives some months from today, and that is a chance to pursue.

  2. There is longevity - Alternative medicine and healing are more than than just about drugs. IThey are about a lifestyle and culture that prevent illness and offer the best way to fight disease.

  3. There is integrity and scale - With AMH, the plan is to help make things whole. When you have integrity, you are whole; you can be your best.
  4. This is an urgent, important and great cause. This cause needs your support, if even just a few minutes of your time by telling somebody about it!
If you can afford to make a financial donation, please do so at our crowdfunding website Fundly. Funding is of course needed, but please donate only what you can afford. Help us by telling others why this cause is urgent and important.

There are many people who can easily afford to assist financially and can move this cause to where it needs to be. They just have to find out about it and be open to its possibilities, potential and value. That is a matter of creating widespread awareness and reaching everybody! Please join me in helping to accomplish that.

Jim Namaste