Welcome to Our Website
The Foundation for Alternative Medicine and Healing Research is in the process of being formed as a non-profit corporation in the State of Oregon, USA.
We need volunteer help as be believe that paid staff for non-profit organizations is counter productive (pls read our volunteer page). As little as 5 hours per month can make a big difference. time recruiting persons to help raise funding to implement the Foundation's mission.
Our Research Priorities
Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide (as exemplified by MMS)
Efficacy of Practical Mindfulness
Efficacy of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

We have chosen these three research areas because they have significant potential to achieve results that are of great and fundamental importance to all of us.
Methodology and Funding Process
Depending on the progress of our fundraising efforts, we plan to fund preliminary methodological research activities as soon as possible focusing on malaria and MMS, because at least 50,000 lives are lost each month when we do not take action. This does not take into account additional pain and suffering caused by malaria infections.

Our first funding objective is to raise at least $25,000 that will be used to conduct an initial public demonstration test of MMS and malaria by an objective third party group.

Assuming that the initial results are positive, we will intensify efforts to raise the $2 million that is sonsidered absolutely minimal to implement clinical trials.
Foundation News
December 4, 2015. Basis has been established to move forward faster in 2016 with marketing, volunteer recruitment and funding.
February 26, 2015. Progress made with both (1) identification of some supportive MMS research and (2) with web presence obstacles. Pace is slow.
October 24, 2014. Work is continuing on research to identify obstacles and determine how this type of project can succeed.
July 14, 2014. Volunteers needed. To succeed with funding help is needed with a variety of tasks. It is important that a non-profit organization be volunteer-based. One "Interim Director" donating time on very part-time basis cannot get results quickly.

Anecdotes Collection
Help organize, evaluate and categorize anecdotal data points.
Web Research Assistance
Help identify organizations, businesses and individuals with blogs and web sites that support alternative medicine and healing methods.
Social Media Communicators
If you spend time on social media, why not help spread the word about the AMH cause?
AMH Staff Functions
Help with Foundation staff work--minimum of five hours per week.