Volunteerism and The Foundation's Position Regarding Non-Profit Causes

It is our position that any non-profit organization must seek to be staffed by volunteers who receive no compensation. If the cause is great and important enough, people will step forward and contribute their time and expertise.

The problem is in the negative ways that "money" affects most behaviors in nearly all the cultures in the world. Many people believe, for example, that pharmaceutical companies deliberately suppress effective cures. Many people also believe that government health departments and non-profit organizations are corrupt as well. That is why we have to break most of the connections that exist between money and health programs.

At the same time we recognize that circumstances and skill requirements may make it impossible to carry out certain tasks unless people are paid.

Of course, we are aware that our position sets a high standard. If you read this and believe in our cause, please consider volunteering. Thousands are dying while much has to be done.

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