Volunteerism and The Foundation's Position Regarding Non-Profit Causes

Probably every person alive has volunteered many times in their lives, even as a toddler to help with some task. Volunteering is part of the normal human impulse to contribute and share.

As our cultures have become increasingly complex, the demands on our time have increased correspondingly. It has become very difficult for all of us to identify the best priorities when there is "so much to do." In fact, this prevailing problem requires study in its own right, because how can it be that we have such powerful technologies but seem to be more enslaved than ever by the circumstances and contingencies?

Be that as it may, honestly, can there be any priority that is greater than saving the lives of thousands every month, when a presumed solution has been presented? Tens of thousands of people are convinced that MMS can quickly cure malaria!

In an other section on this web site we will provide a considered analysis of the MMS story. However, in the mean time, thousands of people continue to die.

We have to proceed with action that will cause solid, scientific research to be undertaken as quickly as possible. It is not a small task and we need your help, if even a few hours of your time each month, if just for the next three or six months. Can you help?

We are starting out by establishing five main volunteer team activity areas:
  1. Communication to connect and follow up with supporters, inquirers, public media and other organizations.

  2. Social media to post key information and updates about AMH events, activities and results.

  3. Research support to collect information and data that can be used in the formulation and implementation of scientific studies.

  4. Technology utilization for the dissemination of information and to assist with collaborative efforts.

  5. Coordination of management, planning and staff support to implement and operate AMH organizational functions.